The Research Project

Between 2003 and 2006, International University Bremen hosted a research project on The Internationalisation of the Monopoly of the Legitimate use of Force. The project was part of the collaborative project cluster Transformations of the State, and received generous funding from the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG).

The project was directed by Markus Jachtenfuchs and coordinated by Jörg Friedrichs. The empirical work was performed by a pool of researchers. Jörg Friedrichs did the case studies on Britain and Italy. Eva Herschinger, Christiane Kasack, and Holger Stritzel did the case studies on France and Germany. All case studies were subject to formal coding.

The result was a storehouse of 48 qualitative case studies and a formalised database. The material was subsequently revised and adapted by Jörg Friedrichs, to answer the research question of his personal book project. The revised version of the database is presented on this website. Other publications related to the project are listed here.

Apart from the project staff, thanks are due to many other persons who helped to make this possible:

  • Substantive contributions were made by Axel Domeyer, Jordan Mihov, Maria Popova, Raphael Muturi, Mariya Shisheva, and Dana Silvina Trif.
  • Others provided logistic support: Katsiaryna Barschynskaya, Ben Dryden, Leif Goerigk, Adham Hudaykulov, Kirils Jegorovs, Sophia Ojha, and Simona Spassova.
  • Particular thanks are due to Dimitar Stoilov, who created the website. Special thanks are also due to my friend Rosalba Fratini for her comments .